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18-Jul-2016 18:00

Stolen email accounts are extremely useful to cybercriminals.For example, they can read your messages before you do, putting them in a powerful position to scam your friends, family, debtors or creditors out of money by giving believable instructions to redirect payments to bogus bank accounts.One Drive for Business will be available before the end of the year and Skype for Business in 2016.Otherwise you can let us know if there is something you like or don’t like by clicking the “send a smile/frown” right from within Word, Excel, Power Point, One Note or Outlook.If you're a subscribed member you can email other members, but if that seems a little daunting when you're new to online dating you can make use of the fun elements: Send them a smiley face.

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Stay tuned to the Office Blog if you want to participate in the preview of Skype and One Drive.

We’ve also heard the requests for Gmail and i Cloud calendar and contacts sync.